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Rift Cleric Build

Rift Cleric Build - Are you playing as the Cleric in Rift and want to learn how to properly build your character for any situation? If you want to learn how to perfectly build your Cleric as a healer, tanker or DPS character, here are a couple of tips that you may find useful.

Before we get into the soul combinations for your Cleric, lets break down each soul so that you have a full understand of what each soul is capable of.

Warden Soul - The Warden soul is a water based healer that can heal players over a short time period. They are also known for their quick mana regeneration.

Sentinel Soul - This soul is very effective in group play because it has excellent AOE healing abilities.

Purifier Soul - This soul has very weak damage against enemies, however is excellent when it comes to healing party members or yourself. The Purifier soul is terrific support and is best suited for raids, parties or PVP.

Inquisitor Soul - By using a combination of life and death magic spells, the Inquisitor soul deals a lot of DPS damage to enemies. Not only is this soul terrific at DPS, it also has DoTs and can ensnare and CC enemies easily.

Cabalist Soul - The Cabalist soul is very effective at dealing AOE damage towards enemy targets, however they are very weak and have the lowest chances of survival during combat. It is recommended to attack from afar.

Justicar Soul - The Justicar soul is the main tanking soul for Mages.

Shaman Soul - Where the Shaman soul lacks in healing and defense, it makes it up in melee DPS. This soul can effectively fight off opponents and deal a ton of damage.

Druid Soul - The Druid soul is similar to the Shaman soul because it can also deal melee DPS. The difference between the Druid and the Shaman is that this soul has the ability to summon a pet.

Now that you have a good basic understanding of all Mage souls, we can get into the combinations and builds for solo and group play.

If you want to build a soloing Mage character, you can either choose from a meelee or ranged DPS. If you choose melee DPS, select the Druid as your main soul and have the Shaman and Warden as your off souls. This build allows you to use Druid's ability to summon a pet to heal you during battle and the Shaman's buff to add additional DPS to your enemies.

Now, if you want to be a ranged DPS character, opt to use the Inquisitor as the main soul and the Purifier and Warden as off-souls. Your off-souls will allow you use shield abilities to absorb damage and heal over time, while your main soul can nuke enemies from a distance.

If you want to do some group play, you can either choose to become a healer, tanker or a DPS character. Use the same combinations as above if you want to be a DPS in your party, but if you want to play the healing role choose the Purifier as your main soul and the Sentinel and Warden as off souls. All of these souls have different healing abilities, so be sure to alternate these abilities effectively as you see fit.

A good tanking build is to equip the Justicar as the main soul and use the Shaman and Purifier as your off-souls. If you put 51 points into the Justicar soul, 15 points into the Shaman soul and just equip the Purifier without any points, you will be able to fully utilize all of the Justicar's tanking abilities and have +15% healing, -5% damage reduction and elemental resistance from Shaman.

The reason why you would want to equip Purifier as an off-soul without any points is because you will have access to a shield that can absorb damage from enemies, enabling you to become even more of a tank.

Do you want to know exactly what souls to combine and exactly how to allocate your points to become the ultimate tank, healer and DPS character?

Well if you want to be build the perfect character to dominate your friends at Rift, I highly recommended using a step-by-step build guide created by the elite closed beta players of Rift.

A guide like this contains specific information about what you need to do to perfectly build your character like a pro. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions and the high quality soul tree maps within the guide to build the ultimate tank, healer or DPS character!

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